Bathurst Street High Rise, Sydney

The existing cement render on a building has been peeling away from the substrate in sections across the exterior of the entire 30+ floors of the building, making it look unsightly and creating a safety hazard to the public.

The Building Durability Group has been contracted to remove the damaged sections of the cement laminate, clean the underlying base concrete, then form up and replace the render with a repair mortar mix. Once cured the new laminate is then treated with an acid wash to age it to match the existing laminate.

The Forming Spike was demonstrated on site after Building Durability Group enquired about options for a safe, quick and efficient temporary method of attaching the form to the building while the replacement mortar cured.

The Forming Spike was used for this application due to its speed of installation, its ease of removal, reusability and that there is no metal left in the hole to corrode later.

The Zamac Hammer-Screw is also being used in certain sections where the Forming Spike is not applicable such as when a sheet metal form is being used rather than the traditional plywood.

The Powers Fasteners HYB Screw-Bolt has recently been demonstrated for use in tying the work platform to the side of the building to provide a more stable work area. Like the Forming Spike the HYB was used because of its simple removability, and that there was no metal left in the hole after its removal.