Nunawading Transfer Station Refurbishment

Installation of a steel plate protecting wall, to upgrade the Nunawading Transfer Station’s waste pit, is a good example of the ACRYLIC-100’s performance, economy and convenience.

ACRYLIC-100 is a versatile high performance adhesive system which is designed for use in

  • A broad range of weather conditions
  • Vertical or horizontal applications in
  • Solid or hollow base materials

ACRYLIC-100 is now available in a 910ml Jumbo size cartridge system to provide

  • Greater economy
  • Convenience and
  • Less waste

Applied with pneumatic dispensing tool ACRYLIC-100 reduces operator fatigue and installation time on larger projects.

ACRYLIC-100 strength allows shallower embedment for the same load, saving material.

Powers Fasteners also offers extensive literature on product details, design and technical data.