LaserQuip  established in Australia during 1987 is specialised in providing 3D-GPS systems, Topcon lasers and machine control systems for construction and earthmoving industry.

LaserQuip also has the largest hire fleet of lasers in Sydney. LaserQuip also undertakes repair services for all makes and models of survey equipment and lasers. LaserQuip is the distributor for Topcon lasers, GPS, surveying equipment and machine control systems.

Topcon laser provided by LaserQuip is the most accurate dual grade laser used in the area of agriculture. Topcon range machine control receivers are used for clear and accurate elevation indication, and are used in dozers, loaders, motor graders and excavators.

2D automatic machine control system five provided by LaserQuip is the complete machine control package for graders, dozers and pavers and it is user-friendly. It has the features like the most advanced graphical display control box, remote switch operation on control levers, consistent, smooth hydraulic response and highest slope capabilities.

2D system five from LaserQuip can be customised with optional equipment for a variety of needs. System five is also compatible with 3D control systems and function as the next generation control machine.