LaserQuip’s  3DXi systems machine control is specifically designed for hydraulic excavator. It provides the operator with all the information required to expedite excavation works. 3D-GPS enables maximum productivity from the grader or dozer. AGS-100 is the most advanced farming and agricultural system and it includes hardware and software for the farming contractor.

Laser zone transmitter provided by LaserQuip enables wide vertical measurement area. By installing Topcon RTK gps plus system as usual and then add up wireless pzs-1 sensor to the mobile rover and set up the pzl-1transmitter to get instant millimeter accurate elevations anywhere in the laser zone.

MikroDiggrXc2 allows digging to any desired depth and to any desired slope with extreme accuracy. This remarkable 2D system excavator depth control works in conjunction with a rotating grade laser or from a string line.

Grade laser model Topcon RT5-sw is used for specific applications like agricultural land leveling to large construction areas and enable to measure dual slopes accurately. It has an integrated RF remote controller with two way communication up to 300 meters in range. This equipment is considered to be world’s first five arc second repeatability systems.