Porter's Paints presents a new range of extremely durable and beautifully hand-finished wide board floors in various colour and finish options for versatile flooring design.

Porter’s engineered timber floors are made from beautiful French Oak, and hand brushed or scraped to achieve a variety of colour and finish choices. The UV cured aluminium oxide clear finish ensures long-lasting protection for the flooring boards and provides a low lustre appearance.

Porter’s specialises in wide boards and pre-finished timber for floors and cabinetry, and sources their products from a world-leading manufacturer.

Porter's wide board finished floors deliver several benefits to the customer including better stability through the use of multiple layers of quality ply; longer spans providing a smoother and more seamless finish, unlike solid timber floorboards; and superior engineering eliminating ‘cupping’, a warping problem that can occur in solid timber, especially in greater widths.

Being extremely stable, engineered timber floors from Porter's Paints are not affected by problems such as drying, shrinkage and moisture expansion.

Fire Rating

Porter's French Oak Finished Floors have been tested by the CSIRO to Australian and International Standard IS ISA 9239.1 and meet the Building Code of Australia's Critical Radiant Flux and Smoke Value requirements.

Slip Resistance

Porter's French Oak Finished Floors are slip tested by the CSIRO to AS/NZS 4586:2013. AS 4586:2013 is a Slip Resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials.

Image: The floor boards are hand-scraped and rubbed to develop an aged, worn-in look