As is often the case with most owners of construction equipment, purchasing new machines and sending it off to a remote construction site can raise concerns over how the equipment is being treated. Most owners wonder if their machine is being serviced and operated correctly and more so the machine has not been stolen or damaged.

Just two years ago, the idea of being able to track and monitor the machine from the comfort of the office was unimaginable. Technology has evolved and construction equipment is now smarter, GPS (Global Positioning System) and RMS (Remote Monitoring Systems) are now available on the latest equipment. These systems make it possible for equipment owner to ‘Log into’ their equipment and monitor/review vital operational information (e.g. operational statistics, fuel usage, GPS positioning, warning indications and real-time hour reading). Other features such as Geo-fencing ensure that the machine cannot move or operate outside a designated area and is tracked 24/7 by a network of satellites.

This state of the art technology is regarded as an upgrade by most equipment manufactures and wears additional expense after purchasing the machine. Hyundai Construction Equipment Australia however place this technology as a standard option and has just developed their state of the art GPS and RMS system called ‘Hi MATE’.

The Hi MATE system, available on all new Dash 9 excavators, can track the location and movement of the machine from any internet connected computer. Hyundai Construction Equipment Australia have also designed the system to let the owner know when the unit is being utilised or having problems through its easy use online management interface.