Mobile room dividers from Portable Partitions Australia are being used in five different ways at Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum, proving the versatility of the portable partitions.

One of Sydney’s most intriguing and exciting destinations for all ages, the Powerhouse Museum features 12 permanent exhibitions supported by a changing programme of temporary exhibitions and displays. This busy venue, which is open throughout the year except for Christmas Day, does not allow any room for scheduled downtime.

Mobile room dividers from Portable Partitions Australia (PPA) are primarily used to conceal new exhibitions during the set-up and change-over times. The Powerhouse Museum sought a flexible solution that would allow museum staff to move any number of walls from one part of the venue to the other, set up in minutes to specific shape requirements, and often with only one staff member. Aesthetics were also a key requirement, given that the partitions would be visible to visitors at the very busy and famous venue.

Beyond hiding new exhibitions, the Powerhouse Museum has found a number of bonus uses for their Portable Partitions room dividers including creating walls for function areas; forming separate entry areas for functions and exhibitions; providing a backdrop and forefront for the stage during fashion shows and events; and hosting signage for events or maps.

Being a very large venue, the Powerhouse Museum has frequent requirements for large walls. Portable Partitions Australia has, to date, supplied eight of their nine-panel 360 mobile room divider units, each measuring 7.62m in length, to the museum.