A Sydney-based Islamic centre is using acoustic room dividers from Portable Partitions Australia as a flexible solution for separating the faithful in their main hall.

The main halls of the Islamic function centre in Sydney had expansive spaces that could accommodate a large number of people for any type of event. However, when religious gatherings were organised, they had to take into consideration that men and women couldn’t be in the same room.

Portable Partitions Australia (PPA) supplied custom-made 360 acoustic portable room dividers in alternating black and white colours to perfectly match the hall’s interiors, allowing organisers to arrange traditional Islamic religious ceremonies with appropriate segregation as well as enable multiple events to be held in the centre at the same time.

Some of the design highlights of PPA’s 360 acoustic portable room dividers include polycarbonate panels dampening sounds from neighbouring meetings; lightweight construction for simple handling; and stress-free storage design, folding down to dimensions of 85cm x 85cm to be easily stored anywhere.

Image: The custom coloured portable room dividers are used to separate men and women during functions at the Islamic centre.