Schools in New South Wales are considering mobile room dividers from Portable Partitions Australia to address the shortage of classroom space and the consequent overcrowding crisis.

NSW’s Department of Education has warned about an impending shortfall of $7 billion for educational infrastructures over the next two decades in the state. With estimates indicating a need for 385 new classrooms every year for the next decade, and the population of primary students increasing dramatically in the same period, according to an Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) report, schools will need significantly more classrooms and resources.

However, despite the best planning, the budget and building for additional schools often lag behind the actual need, putting greater pressure on existing school infrastructures. Consequently, many schools are finding themselves short of space and are constantly exploring solutions that would allow them to use their existing space in a more flexible way till more permanent facilities are made available. 

This alarming situation is affecting government schools as well as private schools with teachers and parents increasingly worried about the impact of crammed classrooms on a child’s education.

Caught between an increasing student population and a lack of adequate funds or time for capital expansion, some schools have already begun implementing clever and innovative solutions to deal with the influx. These schools are using movable walls and portable room dividers to create flexible learning spaces.

Mobile room dividers are helping space-constrained schools to maximise the use of existing spaces by accommodating multiple learning activities in the same large room. Portable room dividers can help school administrations subdivide classrooms into new activity areas; create instant classrooms in a jiffy; remodel a previously unused space and give it purpose and character; and also cover up clutter.

Mobile room dividers additionally serve as movable wall art displays, making them multipurpose in function. 

Image: Mobile room dividers were used to create an activity space within a common space, which doubled as a day care. The tackable panels were also utilised to showcase artworks made by the kids.