Portable Partitions Australia supplied their freestanding portable privacy screens to an osteopathic clinic for their on-site treatment services.

The increasing popularity of on-site healthcare services at workplaces has transformed the mobile healthcare business with several commercial and public sector companies using these services to improve employee morale and reduce downtime due to medical appointments and illnesses.

Given that back problems have become endemic at the workplace, especially among people confined to a desk all day, Osteo2U has built a business helping address lumbar and back problems of employees by providing on-site osteopathic treatment.

To ensure privacy for their patients during the treatment process, Osteo2U sought a solution from Portable Partitions to create portable treatment rooms that could be easily flat-packed for transport in the back of a van, and quickly and easily set up on site. The screen was also required to provide sufficient privacy for the clients.

Key requirements for the portable screening system included a lightweight design, ideally below 20kg; a professional-looking, service-appropriate solution; and the ability to be set up in different configurations to suit particular office spaces.

Following a short phone consultation, Portable Partitions recommended their freestanding portable privacy screens (polycarbonate) for the application.

Key features include a simple 3-panel acoustic folding privacy screen that can be positioned in any non-linear shape such as zig-zag, curved, and L-shape; bottom framing meeting the floor with no gaps in between, perfect for ensuring the patient’s privacy during treatment; reduced sound levels for a comfortable and relaxing treatment procedure; robust design with high portability, fitting perfectly in a service vehicle; and multiple customisation options in terms of colour, material, and flexibility.

Osteo2U selected two freestanding privacy screens from Portable Partitions, with one screen featuring grey-white-grey panels and the other with white-grey-white panels. 

Portable Partitions privacy screens have fully met Osteo2U’s requirements for portability, ease of use, and ease of on-site setup without the need for hard labour or special tools.