Afford-A-Wall folding room dividers from Portable Partitions Australia helped the organisers of a large banquet maintain a neat environment by keeping the messy food prep area of the onsite kitchen out of sight of guests.

Onsite kitchens are sometimes set up for large banquets to assist with food service and preparation, especially when food is needed to be served fresh, hot, and fast to event participants, but the venue has no access to kitchen facilities. Such a situation can lead to a messy food prep area where busy kitchen servers gather, and used kitchenware, glassware, food spills, drips, and splatter can be all over the place.

Commercial leasing company Maylake Pty Ltd anticipated this problem when they recently organised a large banquet. Being aware of the possibility of visible mess, the organisers opted for mobile room dividers from PPA to cover the kitchen clutter.

Easy to set up, clean, and tuck away at the end of the event, the Afford-A-Wall folding room dividers in polycarbonate had a height of 1.83 metres to adequately cover up the unsightly kitchen. PPA’s 100 per cent waterproof polycarbonate panels in black don’t allow spills to show and are also easy to clean. The lightweight mobile room dividers allow easy folding, moving and storage, ready to be used again for their next event.

Image: The Afford-A-Wall Folding Room Dividers are made of 100% waterproof polycarbonate material and are lightweight.