Acoustic room dividers from Portable Partitions Australia were supplied to a busy fitness centre in the city of Banyule, Victoria to create mobile changing rooms for their patrons.

Fitness clubs, swimming facilities and activity centres need mobile changing rooms that can be easily set up when needed, or stored away when not in use. These temporary changing rooms come in handy during peak hours when members may overcrowd the changing room area. The quick setup prevents overcrowding and reduces waiting time for patrons.

Ivanhoe Aquatic, a busy fitness facility is known to offer swimming lessons for kids and adults, regardless of age or fitness level. Additionally, the centre also offers a whole bunch of other activities for everyone to enjoy.

Portable Partitions was recently contacted by the fitness facility for assistance in setting up new male-only changing rooms for school kids in addition to the existing changing rooms. Given the end application, the material used for the room dividers needed to be water-resistant.

PPA recommended its 360 acoustic room dividers in polycarbonate material for the application. The room dividers were also colour customised with alternating solid white and grey panelling to match the surrounding floors and doors as well as for privacy.