Portable room dividers from Portable Partitions Australia are helping event organisers conduct big as well as small events comfortably at the Arthur Wren Hall in Hampton Park, Victoria.

The Hampton Park Progress Association (HPPA) is a non-profit that was established to serve the citizens of Hampton Park and nearby communities with their socio-civic needs. The organisation brings together residents and community-based interest groups by organising events such as multicultural food and music festivals, bargain book sales, face painting, animal farm for the kids, community group displays and amateur bake-off competitions as well as Australia Day celebrations.

The Arthur Wren Hall hosts big, indoor public and private events from weddings, seminars, industry expos and trade shows to corporate functions, dinner banquets, senior functions, and activities for kids.

A key challenge for the Hampton Park Progress Association was to make the big venue appropriate for organising smaller events. The client needed portable room dividers to allow the Arthur Wren Hall to be size-appropriate on demand, making it a perfect place for both big and small events, regardless of the number of guests, and without getting the void feeling of a half-empty room.

Portable Partitions Australia (PPA) supplied the 360 acoustic portable room dividers (fabric) and the Straightwall acoustic portable dividers (fabric) for the town hall. The portable room dividers can be easily configured without any tools or labour into straight, L-shape, and curved formations. The large hall can be split further into smaller rooms for smaller functions.

PPA’s portable room dividers have opened the door for small events to be accommodated in big venues such as the Arthur Wren Hall. The product is especially an excellent solution for those who lease big spaces for events.