Room dividers from Portable Partitions Australia were supplied to a physiotherapy clinic located in coastal Victoria to help them deliver better patient care with a more organised working space.

St Leonard’s Physio by the Bay was a new small business working out of a small rented space. Seeking to provide the right environment for their patients, the clinic sought to convert the available space into a comfortable reception and waiting area as well as a therapy room to deliver the treatment.

Though building partition walls was a possible solution, the clinic didn’t want the additional expense of a permanent partition system at that point. Being a small business working within a short lease, the physiotherapy clinic didn’t want to go through the hassle of getting approval for the building work that would be required for creating permanent treatment rooms.

The clinic approached Portable Partitions for a solution to transform their space into three distinct rooms that included a reception area, a waiting area, and a consulting room. Additionally, the solution needed to have the flexibility and versatility to be folded and positioned to meet the desired room configuration while also having the ability to dampen sounds and ensure privacy.

Portable Partitions recommended their 360 acoustic portable room dividers in a wall-mountable design (fabric) for the clinic. Featuring the patented 360-degree articulating hinges, the flexible partitions can be positioned in an L-shape configuration to cleverly transform one small room into three unique spaces. The honeycomb cell core, fibreglass sheets and acoustic fabric of the room dividers dampen sounds from the parted spaces.

Portable Partitions completed the delivery of their 360 acoustic portable room dividers within four days.