My Muscle Chef PL sought mobile privacy screens from Portable Partitions Australia to partition off their kitchen work area and improve the workflow.

Chefs can take pride in commercial kitchens that score high on aesthetics but functionality is what they would prioritise when working in one. A good workflow design is paramount in commercial kitchens, especially one where roles and responsibilities are clear. There is harmony and balance where everyone has their own place in the kitchen and work individually for a shared goal.

However, in many space-challenged commercial kitchens, dividing the kitchen area easily on a budget and with flexibility can be difficult. Screens and dividers for commercial kitchens need to be mobile, lightweight and washable. The partitions should allow for new stations to be set up by any single staff member quickly without heavy lifting.

With an aim to enhance their kitchen’s workflow, My Muscle Chef PL procured two VP6 Economy mobile privacy screens from Portable Partitions to partition off their kitchen work area.

Among Portable Partitions’ most budget-friendly partitioning systems, the mobile privacy screens feature durable and machine washable fabric panels that require minimal effort to clean. The mobile privacy screens are lightweight, and easy to assemble, fold, move, reposition, and store.

Using the mobile privacy screens from Portable Partitions, My Muscle Chef was able to classify its kitchen working area from the non-working area. The screens were also used to define kitchen zones such as preparation, cooking and cleaning, and to cover up kitchen clutter for a clean look. Streamlining the kitchen work area has helped increase overall efficiency and satisfaction among team members.

Image: My Muscle Chef separated their work areas with the use of a mobile privacy screen from Portable Partitions.