Mobile dividers from Portable Partitions Australia were installed in a retail music store to create a streamlined layout that would improve customer experience and lead to better sales for the shop.

The evolving nature of retail store selling has seen sales strategies move beyond the product to marketing, accessibility and pricing among many other factors, all towards driving consumer behaviour. Store layout is a big part of this trend, which is based on the understanding that customers’ buying decisions are driven by the store’s ambience.

Everyone from retailing giants to small but serious retailers who can afford, are hiring interior designers and visual merchandisers to help them with their store layout, employing design strategies to rake in sales.

Stagefront Music sought the assistance of Portable Partitions for their mobile divider needs. A speciality store selling quality musical instruments and accessories to meet the needs of budding young musicians and seasoned professionals, Stagefront operates an online store as well as a retail store in Keilor East, Victoria.

Stagefront Music planned to install mobile dividers in their retail store to section off their merchandise, and group them based on the type of musical instrument or accessory. The mobile dividers would also serve as a partition to separate the showroom from the stockroom.

PPA’s 360 acoustic portable room dividers have been placed to create an aisle layout in the store that steers customers from one section to another. The mobile dividers allow good visibility for all the products on display. By sectioning off the merchandise, the room dividers allow customers easy access to products for a pleasant shopping experience. The fabric surface also allows promotional posters to be pinned to the dividers, providing storeowners a space to push sales of various products.

Portable Partitions supplies their 360 acoustic portable room dividers in different configurations including straight line, L-shape, or curved shape, making them perfect for retail stores. Being easy to move and set up, the room dividers help storeowners change store displays frequently and easily.