A school in NSW selected portable room dividers from Portable Partitions Australia to ensure a suitable testing environment for their students.

A major pressure point for school administrators during exams is to work out the perfect seating arrangement and ensure fair practices. When the multipurpose hall of the Maronite College of the Holy Family (MCHF) in NSW had to be converted into an exam venue, the problem was to arrange a set-up that would allow multiple exams of different grade levels to take place at the same time.

From the annual exams of year 7-10 students and the Prelims of year 11, to the HSC exams for the year 12 graduating students, all the concluding exams for the school year had to be held in a tight window from October to November.

MCHF’s challenge lay in classifying and grouping all the students from the different years in the same exam venue with a certain level of distinction. The school found a simple but effective way to cluster the students using portable room dividers.

PPA supplied their 360 acoustic room dividers, each featuring nine fabric panels and measuring 2.02m in height for the application. The fabric panels of the portable room dividers are tackable and pinnable, allowing the units to be used for a different purpose such as a mobile art display for students. The flexible design of PPA’s 360 acoustic room dividers allow the panels to be configured in U-shape, L-shape, or curved patterns so that they can be used to create breakout rooms for teacher-student meetings, or in any similar application.

The ease of use and versatile functionality of the 360 acoustic room dividers enable a wide range of school-based applications from clustering students during exams to dividing and reconfiguring bigger classrooms for multiple activities; and creating breakout rooms for meetings and tutorial sessions to setting up private exam rooms for those taking special make-up exams. The portable room dividers are easy to move and store with the panels simply folded after use and the unit rolled away into storage.