Acoustic room dividers from Portable Partitions Australia were installed in a Sydney office to create a dynamic multipurpose workspace.

The concept of a flexible workspace is helping many corporate offices maximise the use of expensive real estate while also encouraging a collaborative work atmosphere. However, offices occasionally have to create a dedicated workspace for employees working on an important project. Putting up a permanent wall down the middle of a working office is not feasible, practical or efficient.

Portable Partitions was approached by commercial real estate major, Jones Lang LaSalle to help create a dynamic multipurpose office space for one of their clients in Sydney. The key objective was to create an easy way to partition a large and cavernous office space, with the ability to create temporary workspaces on different days.

According to Manuel Ortega, Senior Facilities Manager for Jones Lang LaSalle, the client had one large room on the lower ground floor of their office block that was generally used as a corporate playground. Portable room dividers have now helped turn this room into a more flexible work/game space.

The client also wanted to incorporate bright and vibrant colours that matched the office’s current colourful and stylish design theme. Portable Partitions’ 360 acoustic portable room dividers met all the aesthetic and functional requirements of the design brief. The dividers were used to convert a large section of previously underutilised space into a hub of activity. A conference room was also created right in the middle of the office, with perfect privacy and sound isolation thanks to the room dividers.

With PPA’s 360 acoustic portable room dividers in a poly/fabric hybrid material, the client was able to convert one large and uncomfortable office space into several separate rooms; create an impressive conference room for team meetings; and reduce the overall noise for all the employees in the office.