Market leading supplier of portable room dividers and mobile partitions, Portable Partitions Australia (PPA) was recently approached by Agilent Technologies in Melbourne to provide a solution that would allow a more diverse use of their large meeting room.

Better utilisation of space remains an issue with many offices across Australia. Having an adaptable space is critical in any office to accommodate multiple requirements such as meetings, functions and training sessions, often at short notice.

The brief from Agilent Technologies for Portable Partitions was to ensure the quick creation of separate and defined areas within the large room. The solution needed to deliver Agilent the flexibility to create small intimate spaces to accommodate smaller meetings with the option to quickly open the room out to its full capacity as and when required.

PPA’s 360 portable folding mobile room dividers provided a simple and highly cost-effective solution to address Agilent’s requirements. Made from an acoustic honeycomb board with a fabric finish for noise dampening, the partition is ideal for splitting rooms for multiple functions. Being lightweight, the room divider can be easily folded, moved and stored away when not in use.

Craig Grant, Facilities Co-ordinator from Agilent Technologies commented that the portable room dividers supplied by PPA enables smaller meeting areas to be created within a large space, quickly and easily even by a single person.