Mobile room dividers from Portable Partitions Australia offer an ideal solution to split and reconfigure large classroom spaces to allow for multipurpose use. Highly popular for creating classroom partitions, mobile room dividers are lightweight and easy to move.

A large classroom space can be split to create one-on-one learning areas or group areas, or even run classes on either side of the divide. Schools and other education facilities gain from the flexibility to create ‘rooms within rooms’, maximising the use of space for multiple activities.

PPA’s 360 mobile room dividers feature an acoustic honeycomb core and specialist acoustic fabrics to offer excellent sound dampening properties. The fully articulating 360 hinges allow the divider to be used in straight line, curve, zigzag or right angle configurations. The fabric finish also allows artwork or displays to be tacked or pinned, allowing the mobile room dividers to be used as a portable art gallery or noticeboard.

Portable Partitions’ 360 mobile room dividers were recently used in the USA to create an activity space within a common space that doubled as a church day care centre. Both portable and wall-mounted partitions were used in this instance with the wall-mounted partition creating longer walls, and the portable creating several smaller walls.