Portable Partitions Australia is helping the Australian childcare segment overcome space limitations to effectively utilise available space.

Working within limited spaces, Australian childcare centres are under increasing pressure to do more with less, given the chronic shortage of availability at most centres.

Leading Australian supplier of portable room dividers and mobile partitions, Portable Partitions Australia (PPA) was recently approached by Paddington Children’s Centre in Sydney to provide a solution to a growing space problem.

With floor space at critical mass, the childcare centre wanted to have the flexibility of creating ‘rooms within rooms’ so that they could run multiple activities simultaneously within one larger existing space.

The centre chose the PPA 360 portable folding mobile room divider to provide a cost-effective solution to create temporary rooms and breakout areas quickly and easily. When not in use, the room divider can be folded down and rolled away for easy storage. Being lightweight in construction, the room divider is easy to manoeuvre and can be quickly arranged to create multiple room configurations for the centre.

The centre also used the room divider recently as a mobile art gallery to showcase children’s artwork at an event. The divider can be personalised and customised to become a more subtle part of its surroundings by allowing the addition of artwork, illustrations or signage.

Natalie Cordukes, Director at Paddington Children’s Centre commented that the portable room dividers supplied by PPA provide them with a great way of maximising the use of their current space, without the expense and inflexibility of permanent fixed dividers.