Polycarbonate room dividers from Portable Partitions Australia were supplied to Alstom Australia to assist them with the execution of periodic maintenance work at their warehouse.

Industrial facilities regularly carry out maintenance work on their machinery and equipment to ensure continuous operations without breakdowns. Given the impact of machinery downtime on business functions, companies of all sizes take periodic maintenance seriously. For instance, Alstom Australia, a provider of power generation, electric grid, and rail transport infrastructure solutions Australia-wide, understands that any maintenance work is important and needs to be attended to without delay.

Recently, they needed panels to section off a scheduled maintenance work in one of their 18 warehouses. Their brief for Portable Partitions specified portable and reusable panels that were high enough to screen any serious maintenance work, and were also easy to clean, set up and transport. Since the panels were meant for use in an industrial warehouse, they needed to be sturdy.

The panels also had to create a safe and conducive working environment for all workers in the warehouse without the maintenance schedules disrupting day-to-day operations.

Portable Partitions supplied three units of their Afford-A-Wall folding room divider with a polycarbonate construction. Subsequently, Alstom added three more folding room dividers to cover a wider space. The polycarbonate construction allows the panels to be cleaned easily with a damp cloth, making them perfect for maintenance work in environments where they are constantly exposed to dust, spills, and other micro debris. The wheels attached to the panels allow them to be transported easily to another location.