Portable Partitions Australia recently supplied office partitions to Bliss Chiropractic Osteopathy to help them maximise the use of their treatment room while ensuring patient privacy.

Stress has been identified by the National Health and Safety Commission (NOHSC) as “the most significant psychological hazard in the workplace, affecting both the mental and physical wellbeing of people”.

The workplace stress situation has fuelled the growth of massage therapy and stress management clinics across Australia. The higher demand for professional intervention has resulted in more therapy clinics and treatment facilities being set up to accommodate the ever-increasing number of patients.

Portable Partitions Australia (PPA) was recently appointed by Claire McCardel of Bliss Chiropractic Osteopathy, a massage and stress management facility in Mentone, Victoria, to provide office partitions that could divide a spacious room into two separate cubicles, maximising the use of the available space while providing the required privacy.

The market-leading manufacturer and supplier of portable office partitions, PPA recommended the Afford-A-Wall sliding mobile room divider (polycarbonate), a 3-panel acoustic straight line sliding room divider that opens to any exact length up to 2.13 metres, which was the perfect length to cover two cubicles for the room in this application. PPA also supplied the StraightWall wall-mountable acoustic partition (polycarbonate), a sliding partition with wall-mounting feature to serve as the wall between the two cubicles.

Both products are made with a sound dampening feature for acoustic privacy, and a polycarbonate material with custom colour that complements the colours of the room’s walls. These office partitions were subsequently attached to the walls using the easy-to-install wall mounting brackets for stability.