Three different products from the acoustic partitions range offered by Portable Partitions Australia were supplied to a leading mortgage broker to help them manage meetings with clients.

Award Mortgage Solutions, a mortgage expert company that specialises in helping many Australians reach their financial goals, sought a solution from Portable Partitions Australia (PPA) that would help them quickly and easily set up a meeting area for clients using mobile office partitions.

The company sought to ensure an optimal environment for their clients, especially since these meetings involved major decision-making.

Award Mortgage Solutions wanted to create a private meeting room in the middle of their open plan office using mobile partitions. Though a semi-permanent floor-to-ceiling walling solution was initially considered, the company gave up the idea as the project would be cost- and time-intensive, and also involve a bit of construction debris. They also wanted a divider that could be flexibly moved out of the way easily in case they wanted to open up the room.

Award Mortgage Solutions sought two units of 360 acoustic portable room dividers with seven panels; two units of StraightWall acoustic portable partitions with five panels; and one unit of StraightWall acoustic portable partitions with seven panels, all in blue colour fabric.

The client found PPA’s mobile room dividers a great fit for their requirements. They particularly liked how the partitions could be easily rolled and put away when not in use. The blue fabric blends with the colour scheme of the entire room, rendering a professional look while the sound dampening materials used on the panels keep the noise at bay for a more productive work area.

Award Mortgage Solutions was able to create an instant meeting room using the mobile room dividers without the hassles of debris that would have come with a more permanent wall partitioning system.

Image: View from the outside after the mobile room dividers are set into place. That long stretch uses the 360 Portable Room Dividers.