The Northern Beaches Christian School in Sydney is using mobile whiteboard dividers from Portable Partitions Australia to create flexible classrooms and maximise the use of available space.

The concept of flexible classrooms is increasingly being adopted by modern educators and administrators; two key challenges for administrators seeking to implement this innovative teaching concept include finding the appropriate space to create and foster a healthy flexible classroom, while adequately facilitating necessary supplies such as moveable whiteboards.

The Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education confirms that developing these flexible classrooms leads to flexible learning in an engaging environment. This is because educators and students do not feel constrained by the traditional classroom setup, which often involves sitting face forward in restrictive desks that do not allow for each student’s optimal interaction, understanding, questions, and personal expression. For flexible classrooms to succeed, educational administrators and teachers need to use ingenuity to create highly effective personalised learning environments with limited space and budgets at their disposal.

Northern Beaches Christian School

Located in the Sydney suburb of Terrey Hills, the Northern Beaches Christian School is a co-educational, independent, and non-denominational Christian day school that focuses on vibrant, dynamic, and student-centred education from kindergarten through year 12. The school considers the flexible classroom concept as an ideal way to empower their students.

However, like so many schools that are trying to implement a flexible classroom learning program, Northern Beaches also faces spatial challenges. Flexible classrooms are typically ‘floating learning areas’ that do not belong to any one teacher or subject. The challenge lay in creating multiple separate flexible classrooms for various subjects and learning objectives with the distinct areas separated by a school room divider that would eliminate any noise from other flexible classrooms and also foster easy interaction among students and teachers within each space. It was also important to have the capability to set up moveable whiteboards and projection screens or viewing monitors for presentations.

School partitions and similar classroom divider systems offer a simple solution to address these challenges faced by educational administrators when creating flexible classrooms. Many schools use their gymnasium to create flexible classrooms with school partitions and classroom dividers employed to separate unique learning areas. Administrators can, therefore, easily provide an environment that fosters educational enrichment, not easily possible in a traditional classroom setup.

Room dividers and panels are helping school administrators create a more insular and engaging space for students while staying well within the school district’s budget. Edutopia reports that flexible classrooms do nurture positive effects among students, citing improved grades, satisfied teachers, and perhaps best of all, happy and engaged students.

Image: With an integrated whiteboard, teachers have the flexibility to address a class and still have a breakout area as a separate, acoustically shielded room for quiet work.