A day care centre in Lane Cove, NSW is using customised portable room dividers from Portable Partitions Australia to help create unique learning environments for two different age groups.

Considered an important milestone in a child’s education, the kindergarten phase presents an opportunity for children to develop their social skills, get exposed to new ideas and concepts, and appreciate the joys of learning with group activities and interaction.

However, when teachers and carers have to manage the needs of two different age groups of young students, it’s important to address the challenge with practical solutions to avoid mayhem and chaos.

Happy Kids Kindergarten recently contacted Portable Partitions Australia (PPA), seeking a movable wall to separate two age groups in the main room. The room divider needed to allow supervisors to monitor children on both sides of the screen, requiring its height to be customised.

Following a consultation with PPA, Happy Kids selected the 360 acoustic portable room dividers (fabric), modified to only 5 feet in height, tall enough to separate the two groups while allowing the teachers to monitor the children from both sides of the room.

Key features of PPA’s portable room dividers selected by Happy Kids include fabric panel designed to accept pins and Velcro to hang objects such as artworks, posters and photos; acoustic panels manufactured from a honeycomb cell core, fibreglass sheets on both sides, and specialist acoustic fabric to dampen noise; lightweight yet sturdy construction for easy portability; and quick and easy storage when not in use.