Portable Partitions Australia recently helped a Brisbane-based company create a boardroom out of a large open plan office area using customised partitions.

Creating a new room or space in an existing, fully functional office can be difficult not only because of the time and effort that will need to be invested but also the associated cost. It can be quite a challenge to create this ‘room within a room’ without expensive and obstructive renovations.

Office partitions offer a practical solution; however, they will need to be portable to deliver multifunctional utility so that the same space can serve as a boardroom, training room or reception area depending on the need of the moment. Portability is not the only requirement when selecting office partitions because the work will call for decisions to be made on the forms, colours and designs as well as their functionality, flexibility and even acoustics while accommodating all specifications within the budgeted amount. Most importantly, the portable partitions should be flexible enough to be moved easily and quickly to create a new space.

Plasson Australia recently approached Portable Partitions Australia (PPA) to supply office partitions that could transform a large open plan office area into a boardroom, which would also serve as a reception area. The boardroom required a total of 32 square metres of space to accommodate a conference table with chairs, and whiteboard panels for meetings.

The office partitions also needed to allow natural light into the boardroom. The client additionally sought the flexibility to reshape, relocate, or completely collapse the partitions without requiring tools or labour.

Once Portable Partitions Australia had the dimensions needed for the office partitions, the panels were pressed and extruded, the magnetic whiteboards added, and the entire lot boxed and shipped from PPA’s Sydney factory to the client’s Brisbane office. The total turnaround time from the confirmation of colour and size to the delivery of the office partitions was just four days, and the new boardroom built with PPA’s customised partitions cost the client less than $5,000.

With the addition of the new boardroom table and chairs, Plasson Australia’s partitioned office boardroom was ready for meetings.

Portable Partitions Australia used their 360 Mobile room dividers for this project. The red panels were made using 360 Mobile room dividers with pinnable fabric material, while the 9-panel dividers were made using the 360 Mobile room dividers in polycarbonate with a grey bottom and a clear top for some level of privacy. Both dividers measured 2.3m in height.

Portable Partitions Australia has created a new Selection and Pricing Guide to help buyers through the partition selection process.