Many workplaces face the challenge of facilitating productive work environments aligned with the specific needs of different departments.

For instance, teams working in customer-facing roles, business development or outbound surveys are a critical part of sales functions and data sourcing capabilities, but are also typically noisier than the other sections of the office where work progress is guided by individual deliverables.

However, it’s important for businesses to accommodate the unique needs of every team function without distractions or noise disturbances affecting individual outcomes.

Portable Partitions Australia was engaged by a health service and innovation company in Melbourne CBD to help with this challenge of “differing productive environments in one office”. In addition to strong acoustic properties, the client’s brief for office partitions also sought some transparency for light transmission and a modern finish to match the stylish fitout of the office.

PPA recommended their polycarbonate office partitions to enable the staff to fulfil their individual roles without encroaching on the working environment of different professionals.

The partial transparency of polycarbonate office partitions offers privacy with the fluted panels also allowing light through. The modern and neutral finish of the partitions is also visually aligned with the office’s fitout.

PPA supplied Straightwall acoustic portable partitions (polycarbonate – clear) measuring a total length of 14.46m, within three working days.

PPA’s solution in this instance illustrates how the clear polycarbonate office partitions can be used to enclose all or parts of the office simply by moving the panels.