Acoustic portable room dividers from Portable Partitions Australia are increasingly being employed in large convention and exhibition halls to create individual spaces that can be used simultaneously for various purposes. For instance, when big events are conducted, the exhibition hall can be sectioned out to serve as a VIP room, an on-site office for event organisers, break rooms or even a stock room.

Open plan convention halls may be hard to subdivide because of their sheer size. Using oversized semi-permanent partitions may be too impractical because they are bulky and heavy, and require special tools and specialised manpower to install, which can be very cost-inefficient and time-consuming.

The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre recently engaged Portable Partitions Australia (PPA), the market-leading manufacturer and supplier of portable office partitions, to supply and deliver office partitions that were versatile and flexible enough to be used for different event applications while being lightweight enough to be easily moved and stored without the need for any special tools or labour.

PPA recommended their 360 acoustic portable room dividers (fabric) as the most appropriate solution for the project. Measuring 7.62 metres in length, the room divider offers great coverage while its patented 360-degree articulating hinges allow full rotation of each panel to help the user easily configure the desired space. Made from a lightweight material, the partition simply rolls into position for ease of set-up and storage.

Leighton Wood, the Chief Operations Officer of the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, gladly approves of the versatility of PPA’s office partitions. He explains that the portable partitions are used at the MCEC for a variety of purposes including in the shared meeting room where they are able to create organised and tidy spaces for their customers.

Additionally, the partitions are used during their exhibition builds or event set-ups to surround areas and hide any temporary disruptions. The room dividers also help keep any public area clear when they have events in-house.