The Breakers Country Club is using mobile partitions from Portable Partitions Australia to maximise the use of existing space and create new opportunities for social interaction.

Country clubs across the country are investing in facility upgrades and new amenities as well as aggressive marketing campaigns to attract new members and retain existing patrons. However, the facility and services upgrades can be achieved without spending a fortune on infrastructure. While new amenities can definitely be a good selling point, the goal should always be to provide value to members and their families in terms of facilitating avenues for physical human interaction, which help build happy memories.

Breakers Country Club is an example of a country club that didn’t have to spend a lot to create these opportunities for their members while safeguarding their competitiveness in the industry.

The well-equipped club offers a well-maintained 9-hole golf course, two top class bowling greens, multiple activity areas for social gaming, bars where friends can play a good game of darts over bottles of ice-cold beer, and a leisure playground for kids to have fun. Several weekly events and live entertainment programmes are organised regularly for everyone to enjoy.

To provide additional value to their members, Breakers Country Club sought to maximise the utilisation of existing open spaces by using room dividers so that areas could be used simultaneously for different activities, encouraging social interaction.

Mobile partitions from Portable Partitions Australia were used to divide the open plan Breakers Country Club cafeteria. PPA supplied their 360 acoustic portable room dividers in charcoal finish for the application. Featuring nine panels to cover a good amount of space, the room divider is made of a fabric material that can be tacked and pinned on, and also comes with acoustical features to reduce ambient noise.

PPA’s portable room dividers have helped the Breakers Country Club create two rooms for two different activities to take place at the same time. While one section is used as a general dining area, the other can be used for private functions, meetings, or any related activity. The room dividers not only solved the problem of unutilised space, but the smaller, confined area also encouraged social interaction among patrons.

PPA’s 360 acoustic portable room dividers help settings such as country clubs divide larger rooms into smaller areas to maximise their utilisation by providing distinct spaces for different activities.