The Cudgen Leagues Club on the Tweed Coast sought assistance from Portable Partitions Australia to help create the perfect ambience for their guests.

Patrons frequent clubs, especially during sports season to enjoy good company, great food, quality service, and the perfect ambience. However, distractions, especially from noisy kitchens, can be quite challenging. Unsightly kitchens can also distract from an enjoyable experience.  

Cudgen Leagues Club recently consulted Portable Partitions Australia (PPA) for a solution to address their problems with both aesthetics and acoustics. The club had created makeshift partitions to cover the front of their kitchens using a tablecloth, which resulted in a tacky look. They then considered a curtain, but realised it wouldn’t help with smaller functions.

Portable Partitions Australia recommended their popular and versatile folding room dividers for the application. PPA’s 360 acoustic portable room divider (fabric) is easy to fold, allowing for quick manipulation and infinite configurations such as zig-zag, L-shape, curved and straight line.

Key features of PPA’s portable room dividers include engineered acoustic panels manufactured from a honeycomb cell core; fibreglass sheets on both sides; special acoustic fabric for superior acoustic performance concealing any noise from the kitchen; and lightweight and portable structure allowing for easy placement or transport.

Cudgen Leagues Club has been putting their PPA room dividers to good use, using them to conceal the kitchen and even to separate out function spaces. The club finds it easy to store the partitions after use. The new partitions were also appreciated by club patrons.