Acoustic room dividers from Portable Partitions Australia are being used by Ettalong Bowling Club on the Central Coast of NSW to optimise the use of their large function room without causing disruption to patrons or guests.

A critical part of operations in the hospitality industry, function rooms and banquet halls are a regular fix in hotels, restaurants and registered clubs because they essentially satisfy the need for a place where people can gather, meet, greet, eat, play, and celebrate – all at the same time. Function rooms at country clubs, RSL clubs and sports clubs are particularly in demand for holding events, get-togethers and activities ranging from private lunches with family and friends to award ceremonies and business seminars.

However, not all of these events have large guest lists to fill up a function room that can accommodate more than 200 guests. Allocating the function room for small gatherings of only 20 people is not only a waste of space and resources but also of potential earnings. For instance, clubs can add huge commercial benefit by accommodating multiple events in the same function room space using flexible partition and divider solutions, thereby maximising space and revenue in large open areas.

NSW’s Ettalong Bowling Club also faced a similar challenge with their function rooms often found too big for many events, resulting in unutilised spaces that could have been monetised for a different purpose. The club sought a solution for dividing their function rooms in such a way that one part could be used for an event, while the remaining area could either be utilised for another event, or for ‘business as usual’ customers without disruption.

Portable Partitions Australia supplied their 360 acoustic room dividers, each measuring 2.02 metres in height and extending to a total wall length of 7.62 metres, with the nine panels in each divider ensuring large walling coverage.

Movable wall systems and room dividers also help create intimacy in a smaller space for smaller gatherings. Mobile room dividers with pin-board surfaces have the added functionality of allowing users to pin photos, posters and promotions, enabling clubs to completely customise the function room space in minutes.

Ettalong Bowling Club regularly uses these portable room dividers to benefit patrons, staff and management alike. While privacy is ensured for gatherings, regular patrons never feel their space has been encroached upon and are in fact, appreciative that their club has invested in their comfort. The club management now has significantly fewer restrictions with space and more revenue opportunities by ultimately having more ‘rooms’ available for private hire.

Image: The 360 acoustic portable room dividers are flexible and versatile - a perfect solution when you need to section off areas for different events.