An automotive auction house has invested in portable room dividers from Portable Partitions to organise space efficiently in their warehouse without having to make messy constructions.

Huge warehouses typically offer a single undivided space to the business; however, business growth can necessitate better organisation of the space to accommodate different parts of the operation. Using curtains to section off different areas does not lend a professional look and may work against the company’s reputation.

This automotive auction house decided to purchase mobile room dividers from Portable Partitions to avoid unnecessary constructions and be able to better organise the open space for their customers. With hundreds of cars waiting to be sold, the auction house sought to provide their customers with a more organised space to help them select their dream car easily.

The auction house purchased nine panels of 2 x 360 polycarbonate dividers to properly group the cars into sections. The partitions have also been used to restrict the entry of customers into specific areas of the warehouse and also to improve the flow of foot traffic inside the auction house.

The acoustic room dividers from Portable Partitions have not only been able to provide a more organised, flexible and systematic business space but have also enhanced the overall visual appeal of the auction house.

With mobile room dividers from Portable Partitions, sectioning big lots is no longer a challenge, helping business owners turn any space into a huge opportunity to expand their operations.