Portable room dividers from Portable Partitions Australia serve to maximise space utilisation in various environments without the hassle and expense of permanent building works.

Offices, retail stores, classrooms and hospitality venues often face space challenges, especially when there is a need to add more functionality or privacy in a given area on a temporary basis.

Portable room dividers help users tackle their space challenges efficiently with the lightweight solutions offering several benefits over traditional fixed permanent room dividers.

Flexible application

Portable room dividers offer flexibility of use in diverse environments from offices, school classrooms and sports facilities to dining and entertainment venues, religious centres and retail areas.

Smart use of space

Portable room dividers provide a practical and efficient way to create ‘rooms within rooms’ in an existing space to conduct multiple functions. The dividers are also designed to be easily folded and stored away when not in use.

Save time

Portable room dividers create temporary spaces when needed with no construction or installation work required to be carried out. Being lightweight and mobile, the dividers can be simply wheeled into place.

Adaptable configurations

Portable room dividers are available in various configurations to suit the room, occasion and application. For instance, seating arrangements at meetings or restaurant dining areas can be quickly accommodated by simply wheeling the partitions into place and opening them in the chosen configuration of straight line, curved, zigzag or right angle.

Save money

Portable room dividers offer an affordable way to maximise space utilisation without the expense of permanent fixed partition systems. Being adaptable, the user can also make ongoing savings as the portable room dividers can be utilised in multiple applications and locations.

Create additional privacy

Portable room dividers can be quickly arranged to create a private space in an office, retail or public area to accommodate one-on-one customer consultations, additional meeting areas, reception spaces or a place for changing clothes or breast-feeding.

Reduce noise

Acoustic portable room dividers have noise dampening properties and can be used as a quick and cost-effective way to block out extraneous sounds at home, in offices and religious centres, or study areas.

Reduce hassle

Portable room dividers eliminate the need to go through lengthy and disruptive permanent building works to create partitions. Most portable room dividers ship fully assembled and simply need to be placed in position.