The term of Sharksfin flags, or Sharksfin banners if named correctly, are a particular shape within a category of similar flags consisting of differing shaped products. Sharkfin flags are can also be identified as teardrop flags, spinning flags, bow banners, feather flags, flying flags or flying banners, but are also often referred to under several other proprietary names. Therefore, Sharksfin flags can often be mistaken for any of these other different shaped flag and banner products.

Available from Portable Displays Australia , Sharksfin flags are comparatively new display systems and are now very popular for outdoor applications due to their eye-catching appeal. With their individual shape and spinning movement, Sharksfin flags are also often used in indoor applications to create an individual display.

“Sharksfin” refers to the shape of the banners, which is achieved by a flexible fibreglass pole on the top of a rigid metal pole. When bent over, the top of the display flag creates individual, interesting and appealing shapes and when the flag fabric is pulled taught at the bottom it allows for a spinning action, which adds to the attention grabbing aspect.

Trilobal is one of a few fabrics used for these flags and banners as they offer approximately 90% bleed- through, enabling a mirror image to be viewed on the reverse side of the print. This is a typical format for most flag printing that has been used for some time.

True double–sided print is a popular with Sharksfin flags. This involves printing on two pieces of synthetic material that are then stitched together with a dark blockout fabric in the centre to avoid transparency. This achieves a flag with identical images on each side and not the usual reverse or mirrored image, which was all that was available in the past.

Bases for Sharksfin flags are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit all surfaces, so it is often necessary to have a few different bases on hand for future occasions, rather than be caught out with flags supported inappropriately.

Quality Sharksfin flags should be able to withstand regular dismantling and be easy to fold down for transport or storage. Although durable, these flag fabrics will not last forever in harsh climates, so sheltered storage is highly recommended to extend the life of the flag.