Available from Portable Displays Australia , versatile portable panel display systems are also commonly known as display panels, portable panels, and folding panels.

The two most common styles of portable panel display systems are either a panel and hinge system or a clip and pole system, with the end result appearing almost identical. The big difference is in the assembly, which should dictate the choice when purchasing a panel display system.

Hinge and panel systems are generally erected by a row of panels, all joined by a 360degree hinge on the top and another row of identical panels on the bottom. These are the simplest portable panel display systems to erect and have fewer parts.

Clip and pole panel display systems have individual panels that are joined together by two part poles that are positioned vertically and accept clips on the panels. Each panel is separate and these portable panel display systems offer the best stability.

Stability with both styles of panel display system is maintained by erecting the display with the panels on angles. Stabilising feet are available, but are not usually required.

Both size and number of panels for the portable display is a decision based on majority of uses for the system. It should always be kept in mind that the portable display system will be used for different functions in the future, so Portable Displays Australia suggest to never purchase a display based only on the first use.

The most common and versatile construction of panels on all panel display systems is aluminium frames and hinges with a variety of light weight flat panel material covered in a velcro compatible front runner carpet. These carpets are available in a wide range of colours, but plain neutral colours like black or grey are the most popular. The plain neutral colours are considered ideal as they enhance the graphic positioned on the panels.

Recent technology in hinge style panel display systems has now made panel displays available with concealed hinges and frames. These are now the most popular style due to their improved appearance as they do now show the aluminium frames and hinges. Frames and hinges many be considered a distraction to any graphics adhered to the display, so invisible frames and hinges offers a cleaner more professional appearance of a panel display.

A largely unknown feature of portable panel board display systems is their versatility to fit any occasion and situation. Hinge style systems have the 360degree hinge feature which enables outside panels to be folded flat against others to reduce width.