Custom banners for indoor and outdoor applications can really attract attention. Available from Portable Displays Australia , custom banners can be created using wide format colour printing in a range of custom sizes to suit specific needs. Custom banners can offer an eye-catching and cost effective promotional aid.

Custom banners can be placed inside or outside offices, stores or showrooms to announce and promote special events, sales, new product ranges or practically anything.

Custom banners can be printed on a wide range of media, including:

  1. Paper. A large selection of papers are available. Some offer outstanding print quality to enhance photo images, logos or text. 
  2. Tyvek. Is a good value and tough synthetic media with a similar appearance to paper. 
  3. Vinyl. A tough heavy and durable synthetic material that is ideal for use outside and indoor applications. 
  4. Poly. A modern print media of high quality. Offers outstanding results for indoor use and brilliant reproduction of photos, logos or text. 
  5. Synthetic fabric. A wide variety of synthetic fabric media has become available in recent times. These materials have a totally different appearance to any of the above media products and although they rarely offer the same high quality reproduction, they are still preferred by some people for their soft texture and appearance.
Media materials are selected to suit the individual requirements and can be manufactured with unfinished or hemmed borders, and with or without eyelets to assist with hanging.

Podium Banners or Lectern Banners are ideal to hang from lecterns and podiums for conferences, meetings and speeches. They consist of a banner made from vinyl, poly, synthetic fabric or tyvek with a pole in a sleeve top and bottom to support the shape. The banner can then be suspended from the lectern or similar by a cord.

Wall Banners can be printed on almost any suitable media according to the location. Vinyl or synthetic fabric is considered ideal for outside use, and for indoor applications most other print materials, particularly poly or fabrics, are suitable.

Fence banners can use the same print media as with outside wall banners. Fence banners can be attached and hung with eyelets.

Booth banners are preferably used with a quality media producing high quality image graphics, such as poly, as exposure to the weather is not a concern. Booth banners are ideal for improving and enhancing appearance and can help to change regular carpet or hard surface expo booths by attaching custom banners to the sides with velcro dots or strips.

Custom Banners can be produced in a wide variety of sizes to meet specific requirements and can be manufactured as suitable for indoor and outdoor use.