Poolrite Equipment  offers wide range of pool equipment and accessories. Poolrite Equipment provides various products like skimmer boxes, pumps, heaters, filters, automatic cleaners, chlorinators, hand rails, grab and ladders.

Poolrite Equipment provides skimmer boxes with new features to enhance the ‘S’ series product. Two additional strengthening ribs for solar heated pools and in-floor cleaning systems is provided to the new skimmer box design. Poolrite Equipment’s skimmer boxes are ideal for fibreglass, concrete and vinyl liner swimming pools.

Various skimmer boxes available from Poolrite Equipment are Skimmer box – S2500, Skimmer Box – S2600 and Skimmer Box – S2700. Skimmer Box – S2500 is a new ‘S’ series product designed especially for construction in fibreglass, concrete and vinyl liner swimming pools. Skimmer Box – S2600 has extended throat, designed for fibreglass pools that need skimmer deck lid and opening for setting back from the pool edge. Skimmer Box – S2700 comes with a jumbo leaf bag in place of standard leaf basket, especially developed for pools with heavy leaf problem.

Poolrite Equipment also offers multipurpose high performance pool pumps ideal for filtration in addition to spa jets, swim jets and water features which are fitted to swimming pools. All Poolrite pumps are designed and manufactured to with stand any climatic conditions. Swimming pool pumps from Poolrite Equipment include Quietline “SQI Series” pumps, Quietline SQI/PM, Enduro Solar Pumps, Enduro pool and spa pumps, Enduro solar pumps, dominator medium head and dominator high head.