Poolrite Equipment  provides wide range of pool equipment for swimming pools. Poolrite Equipment is specialised in providing filters, skimmer boxes, saltwater chlorinators, pumps, heaters and automatic cleaners.

Poolrite Equipment offers swimming pool filters ideal for swimming pools and spas. Poolrite Equipment’s filters are made available in extensive range of diatomaceous earth, cartridge sand, under the Poolrite, Enduro and Water Mizer brands.

Poolrite cartridge filters from Poolrite Equipment allow wide surface area for filtration of compact filter tank. Sand filters are designed to suit both domestic and commercial applications which are fitted with multi-port valves. Water Mizer Filter System is available as single piece, cartridge filter, factory assembled, pump and plumbing.

Poolrite Equipment offers various filters like Pool Filters – Sand that is sand filters for the Poolrite fibre glass series. There are Poolrite sand filters and Enduro sand filters. The Pool Filters – cartridge range includes Water Mizer Filtration System, Slimline Cartridge Filters, Low Profile Cartridge Pool Filters and Enduro Cartridge Filters. Pool filters – Diatomaceous Earth filters offers models like Poorite Pool Filter Kits, poolrite Dual Kits, Poolrite Single Systems and Poolrite Dual Systems.