Poolrite Equipment  is specialised in the manufacture of pool and spa equipment. Poolrite Equipment was established in 1978, with branches in Sydney, Melbourne, North Queensland, Perth and New Zealand. Poolrite Equipment supplies products through approved distributors across New Zealand and Australia.

Poolrite Equipment offers a wide range of products like pumps, filters, heaters, chlorinators to fittings and skimmer boxes and accessories. Poolrite Equipment also offers auto-cleaners, ladders, hand rails and grab, pool fitting and other accessories.

Poolrite Equipment has launched a new product, PoolTherm Heat Pumps P-Series of pool heaters. These new pool heaters are closed-cycle cooling systems for cooling and heating the pool water. The P-Series uses polymer heat exchanger and advanced corrosion resistant titanium for long-term life and is available in easy-to-control LCD display.

Another new product from Poolrite Equipment is Water Mizer Filtration System, an environment friendly filtration system for inground pools, above ground and spas. Water Mizer Filtration delivers minimised water wastage with small space efficiency. Dolphin Orbit is a product used to prolong the life of the filtration equipment. Dolphin Orbit sweeps, scrubs, filters dirt, debris and vacuums into the machine-washable filter bag.