Polytech - Borg Manufacturing  specialises in a wide range of laminated panels and doors. Polytech - Borg Manufacturing offers Thermotec thermolaminated doors and panels manufactured from 18 millimetre profiled and moisture resistant material.

Thermotec thermolaminated doors and panels from Polytech - Borg Manufacturing are available in a wide range of profiles, colours and surface finish options. Polytech - Borg Manufacturing combines colours are creates innovative kitchen designs. Thermotec door are produced with smooth moulded edges to reduce catching and chipping edges.

Thermotec thermolaminated door and panel offered by Polytech - Borg Manufacturing is manufactured with tough surface suitable for chip and scratches resistant. Thermotec colours includes Malt textured and matt, chocolate gloss, plantation zebrano gloss and ultra white textured, gloss and matt.

Malt textured and matt coloured Thermotec is modern and mushroom toned solid coloured product ideal for any kitchen décor and suitable for Lamitop laminates and bench tops. Chocolate gloss is a dark brown solid colour suitable for both timber prints and light solid colours. Plantation Zebrano Gloss is a light, golden zebrawood with dark grain timberprint providing natural veneer appearance.