Polytech - Borg Manufacturing  offer an exclusive range of panels, doors and laminates. Polytec - Borg Manufacturing offer thermolaminated vinyl panels and doors, aluminium framed glass doors, melamine doors and panels, laminate and bench tops.

Polytec - Borg Manufacturing offer Createc ultra gloss doors and panels. The Createc range includes UV coated high gloss finish which provides shiny kitchen with everlasting impression. Createc doors are produced to complement the laminate and aluminium product ranges. Createc’s modern colour palette provides a comfortable and welcoming appearance to the environment.

Createc range from Polytec - Borg Manufacturing includes solid gloss series and timberprint gloss series. Solid gloss series includes ultra white, antique, mountain pepper, café cream and parchment colour solutions. Timberprint gloss includes Bemboka Elm, Hazel Strata, New Barron Alder, River Redgum and Shannon Oak.

Createc ultra high gloss panels and doors are to be maintained as follows. A wipe down with a damp soft cloth dipped in warm soapy water for removing stains. A quality streak free glass cleaner can be used for more stubborn stains.