The benefits of reducing impact sound within commercial and residential interiors has been well researched and documented.

Within any space that humans dwell, noise is created. In high-traffic areas like schools, hospitals or residential settings, this background noise can negatively affect others and make the space less comfortable to reside in. It can hinder learning, teaching, working, recuperation or simply relaxation.

Therefore, acoustic flooring has fast become one of the primary focuses of builders, contractors and architects to improve the overall acoustic performance of new and refurbished installations. Polyflor acoustic vinyl floorcoverings have been designed and developed to assist in improving the acoustic properties within residential, commercial and public locations as well as providing the additional benefits of aesthetics, performance, hygiene and durability.

Planning and room layout can be used to avoid impact noise sources on floors above noise-sensitive rooms. Sources of noise to consider when planning your interior are:

  • Traffic
  • Weather
  • Plumbing
  • Duct-borne noise
  • Noise via open windows

Acoustic flooring is only part of the action that can be taken to reduce noise levels. Acoustic ceiling and wall panels, fabrics, textiles and plants may also be considered early in the design process to ensure compatibility. Smooth acoustic floorcoverings are designed to reduce impact sound at the source, not to reduce background or reverberation sound within a room.

Polyflor’s Acoustix collection of acoustic flooring incorporates a contemporary selection of stylish authentic wood patterns to suit any installation, whilst offering durability and high performance in a practical vinyl sheet format. The Polysafe Wood fx Acoustix PUR collection comes in a range of timber replica vinyl options like American Oak, Cherry and Mahogany. It also offers a level of heavy duty safety that is hard to find in other products – it’s slip resistant with carborundum-free and aluminium oxide particles incorporated into the vinyl to improve traction and safety underfoot. The material is perfect for classrooms, corridors and circulation areas where safety is a top priority.

Forest fx Acoustix PUR draws on the natural environment as its primary inspiration using vinyl wood replica designs. It features a polyurethane reinforcement (PUR) for easy cleaning and maintenance and works extremely well in high-traffic areas like schools, hospitals and student accommodation. Last but not least, Polyflor offers a product called Damtec Acoustic Underlay which is a 1st grade underlay manufactured from natural raw materials, cork and rubber. It provides long-term durability and soft underfoot qualities. It is designed to be installed beneath vinyl sheet, plants and tiles providing a high level impact sound improvement.

Consider the long term benefits of acoustic flooring in your next build whilst factoring in both noise reduction and safety – two birds with one stone. The building’s dwellers will thank you.