Polycore is a new building core that can be laminated with just about every laminate, including metal and timber. At Polycore’s unveiling at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show this year, the public and manufacturers came to see what can be achieved with this super light weight panel. From Transport industries representatives to panel manufacturers, a range of people came to test this new structural core.

Polycore offers a panel that will not rot and is not affected by termites. So laminating manufacturers can now offer kitchens or bath rooms that will not be affected to the core by water. Polycore is laminated in the same way as plywood or MDF and is worked in the same way, with wood working tools.

The transport industries were impressed with Polycore and Peki light was developed as a new truck body range from this honeycomb core.

Plastek, a major foam manufacturer for truck body's now uses Polycore. It provides extra strength and results in weight savings of over 700 kg per unit. Caravan manufacturers and relocatable homes are now being built from Polycore.

Sealeck Doors and Windows also tested Polycore and see a future for it in their security door range.

Polycore can absorb high impacts, because its unique polypropylene cell structure isolates impacts. Polycore is non toxic and 100% recyclable. It has a 22 db sound deadening quality and an insulating r/value.