Polvin Fencing Systems  supplies a range of post and rail fencing systems. These fencing systems use 127 millimetres by 127 millimetre PVC posts with 140 millimetres by 38 millimetre PVC rails. The normal spacing between these posts is 2.4 metre and the rails that are supplied have a length of 4.8 metre.

The gates supplied by Polvin Fencing Systems are built using quality PVC on the exterior built on a complete galvanised steel frame. The gates come with all the necessary components required to install the gate. These gates are available in three or four rail styles.

The Polvin Fencing Systems supplied picket fences add beauty and warmth to any home. These fences stand up to the harshest weather conditions that are prevalent in Australia. These maintenance free fences from Polvin Fencing Systems come in standard heights starting from 800 millimetres, 1000 millimetre, 1200 millimetre, 1500 millimetre, and 1800 millimetre.

The various styles available are colonial centred picket, sierra centred picket and windsor closed picket. The fences from Polvin Fencing Systems feature an easy clip together system that greatly reduces the installation times.

PVC horse fencing is soft and its moulded shape does not entangle or cut the legs or other parts of the body of the domesticated animals. These fences also lack taste or texture and hence do not appeal to any animal as a source of food.