Polvin Fencing Systems  supply quality fencing systems for securing animals. Polvin Fencing Systems uses 100 percent virgin PVC to manufacture its range of fences. These fences also adhere to the ASTM F 964 standard for PVC fencing.

The fencing systems that Polvin Fencing Systems supplies are designed to eliminate problems associated with normal fences like rotting, rusting, splintering, discolouring and warping. The use of quality raw materials in making the PVC fencing systems ensures that these products last for a number of years and provide hassle free services.

Attachments like rail fencing and a hot wire for posts can be easily attached to any PVC fence supplied by Polvin Fencing Systems. These fencing systems that are supplied by Polvin Fencing Systems do not pose any threat in terms of health hazards to the domesticated animals as well as to humans.

The post and rail fencings from Polvin Fencing Systems use 127 millimetres by 127 millimetre PVC posts with 140 millimetres by 38 millimetre PVC rails. These posts are spaced at 2.4 metre intervals and the rails that are supplied have a length of 4.8 metre. These gates come in two, three and four rail styles.