A new PVC fence encircling centre ring at Gympie Showgrounds in Queensland is attracting widespread and favourable comments, since it went on public view at the recent Gympie Show.

Gympie & District Show Society purchased the fence from Sunshine Coast company, Polvin Fencing Systems , which designed and manufactured the fence to the Society’s specifications.

The 420 metre diameter PVC fence encapsulates a galvanised steel frame, giving it added strength. It replaces a timber and steel pipe fence thought to be between 80 and 90 years old. As fencing material PVC is versatile and can be tailored to suit many different applications.

The installation at Gympie, funded by Gympie Council, has attracted interest from several other show societies and councils in south-east Queensland.

Chief ring steward, John Warren said,”we’ve had nothing but favourable comments during and since the Show. I had equestrians in the ring who thought the fence was timber. It even stood up to the occasional ‘touch’ by the precision driving team, the Hi Lux Heroes.”

Several factors influenced the Show Society to move to PVC as a long life, low maintenance alternative to timber.

“Our president Graeme Engeman was recently in the USA and saw how popular PVC fencing had become there. Another committee member had installed a picket fence supplied by Polvin Fencing Systems at his home.

“We were impressed by the attitude of Polvin Fencing which researched our requirements and replicated the design of the old fence in PVC. We also like supporting an Australian manufacturer.

“From where I stand in centre ring whichever way you looked at it, PVC fencing looks like the only way to go,” John Warren said.