Anti Slip products from Polite Enterprises eliminates the dangers to personnel from preventable slips, trips and falls.All Anti Slip products from Polite Enterprises are of high quality and have been exhaustively tested to ensure that the protection they offer is permanent and reliable.

The aggregate and resin used are non-wearing and are impervious to all liquids.

Polite Enterprises’ consultants will carry out a comprehensive inspection and risk identification survey to identify any potential slip hazard and will recommend the most cost effective Anti Slip solution.

Anti Slip protection will benefit your organization with savings from reduced compensation associated with accidents and injuries, while helping improve productivity.

Metal Deck

Anti Slip Metal Deck provides highly effective long-term protection for all flat or level surfaces in exterior or interior applications.

Metal Deck eliminates the dangers of slips caused by fluid spills or exposure to there contaminates, as well as increasing visibility.

Stair Nosing

Anti Slip Nosing guard against the multiple dangers of polished, worn or cracked stairs in places exposed to heavy foot traffic, weather or spills, by resurfacing the leading edge of the steps and increasing shoe contact areas.

Ladder Rung Covers

Anti Slip Ladder Rung Covers eliminates the risk of slips from ladders by increasing the surface areas for foot/hand contact and greatly enhances both friction co-efficiency and visibility.