The number of licensed or registered plumbing practitioners in Victoria has crossed 25,000, according to new Plumbing Industry Commission Victoria data.

The announcement comes the day after World Plumbing Day, which recognises the important role that plumbing practitioners perform for the health of society by providing basic sanitation and safe drinking water.

According to Plumbing Industry Commissioner, Mr Greg Hyams, the number of practitioners holding any registration or licence has increased by 35% since 30 June 2002 from 18,456, to 25,060. Calling it a significant milestone, Mr Hyams says that the data serves as a reminder to Victorian consumers to ensure they always use a licensed or registered plumbing practitioner for any work over $750 including most gas fitting work, and any work on below-ground sanitary drains.

He explains that licensed plumbers are highly skilled professionals who have been accredited by the Commission, and only receive their licence by obtaining the right qualifications, holding insurance, and gaining extensive industry experience.

Mr Hyams adds that only a licensed plumber can issue a compliance certificate, which would confirm that the plumbing work complies with all legislative requirements. Registered plumbers can also undertake any type of plumbing work but, if the work requires a compliance certificate, they need to be working under the supervision of a fully licensed plumber.

Victorian consumers can check their plumber’s licensing/ registration details by visiting the Plumbing Industry Commission’s eToolbox page at