Australian timbers are trending in commercial interior spaces with designers relying on their strength, durability and aesthetic to create inviting workspaces.

Interior design for commercial workspaces is not just about placement of computers, workstations and other equipment – the design also needs to deliver a creative and productive environment that focuses on staff wellbeing, performance and retention.

Modern commercial office fitouts are more flexible with budgets, allowing designers to create quality, creative and useful workspaces. The return on investment on productivity is much higher than the outlay for the fitout and this is evident in the new DKO Sydney project.

Plank Floors worked with the team of designers at DKO Architecture Sydney to supply the flooring for their new Sydney office. Spotted Gum from Plank Floors’ hardwood collection was selected for the project.

One of Australia’s premium native hardwoods, Spotted Gum is preferred for its superior durability and strength, making it ideal for high traffic spaces such as commercial buildings and offices. With one of the highest Janka strength ratings, Spotted Gum is typically used in structural engineering applications such as wharf and bridge construction, railway sleepers and mining.

At the DKO office, Spotted Gum’s vibrant colour palette and earthy tones create a warm and inviting space to work and engage with clients.

The Spotted Gum flooring boards from Plank Floors were also used to clad the planter boxes and walls to add a feature to the room and also to break up the front reception and work desk areas. Being prefinished, the boards have been used for cladding walls, ceilings and joinery, with the hardwood species adding a seamless flow to all the interior spaces.